How Do I Manage My Clients’ Fee Consent?

You can now manage advice fee consent on the Mason Stevens platform for your clients who hold a Super or Pension account and a Global Investment Service account. You can submit a fee consent request to your client to accept digitally by following these steps: 

  1. Go to Adviser fees > Fee structure
  2. Click the edit button next to “Ongoing adviser fee” 
  3. Enter your fee rates exclusive of GST and estimated value for each portfolio 
  4. Click “Submit” 

Alternatively, you can submit the Advice fee consent form completed and signed by the account holder to Mason Stevens. We accept a scanned copy of the form which can either be emailed to us or submitted online via the Service request functionality available from the Work in progress page. 

You can keep track of your clients’ fee consent requests by going to Fee renewals in the left-hand side navigation menu. 



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