Changes to the one-off pension withdrawal process

What’s changing?

We are pleased to inform you about a change in the way we process once-off withdrawals from a member’s pension account. As the adviser on the account, you can now send us your instructions via email to make a once-off payment into the nominated bank account recorded on the member’s account. Please use the following email template and submit your instructions to and

We will accept instructions emailed from the adviser on the account, or from your support staff copying in the adviser on the emailed instructions.  

What information do I need to include on the email?

Subject: Pension withdrawal for RS xxxxxxx
Please process the following once-off withdrawal to the nominated bank account on file:

  • Member name:

  • Payment amount: $ _______

  • Type (commutation or pension payment):

How do I update the nominated bank account?

If the member wishes to update the nominated bank account on file, please complete and submit the Change to an account form which will require the member’s signature as authorisation. Please ensure we have a current copy of the member's identification (eg. driver's license) on file for purposes of signature verification.

For more information

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or our Client Services team.


Have any questions for us?

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