How Do I Generate Reports And Documents?

How do I generate reports and documents?
  1. You can generate reports by navigating to the vertical menu and clicking on Reports and documents under Account.
  2. You can generate reports in either PDF or Excel form. Tick the box for the report to be generated in your preferred format.
How do I generate management reports?
  1. On the vertical menu, under Business management, click Management reports.
  2. Under Request a new report, you will be able to generate five different report types from a range of advisers you have permission too.
  3. Once you have made your selections, simply select Create.
How do I generate a portfolio valuation report in a foreign currency?
  1. Search for a specific client in the Quick Search function, select Holdings.
  2. Select the currency under Select source, once chosen you select Generate PDF.
Accessing reports and documents
  1. You can locate reports that have been generated in the past by clicking on Library in the horizontal menu. Any additional reports such as Tax Statements will appear here.


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