How Do I Know What Is On The Approved Product List?

Click the hyperlinks to view the list of approved managed funds on the Mason Stevens Global Investment Service and Mason Stevens Super. 

Adding new securities and managed funds

For listed securities and ETFs that you don’t see on the Order Pad, they will need to be set up by Mason Stevens. Please email for new security setups. If received before 2 PM, set up is T+1.

For managed funds you don’t see on the Order Pad or the Investment Menus, they will need to be reviewed & approved by our Product team. Following approval, they need to be set up by Mason Stevens and NAB (custodian).

  • Investment – T+5 subject to passing due diligence review (may take longer due to delays with initial applications with the Fund Manager). Please note if investing multiple clients into new managed funds, initial investments should be grouped to ensure they can be submitted to the Fund Manager with the initial application.
  • Super – Generally T+5 but subject to additional approval requirements from the Trustee. For Managed Funds not on the Trustee’s APL, these must be submitted to the Trustee’s monthly Investment Committee.


Have any questions for us?

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