Annual Reports | Update For Sydney Airport Trust Unitholders

We were recently made aware that the AMIT Sydney Airport Trust (SYD1) had issued an AMMA statement for the FY2020/21 that included an amount of attributable (taxable) interest income of approximately 4.2216 cents per unit, even though no cash was distributed to investors.

Attributable income from SYD1 was omitted from entitled unitholders’ FY2020/21 Mason Stevens Annual Reports due to SYD1 not paying any cash distributions during the year-ended 31 December 2020.

If your clients who held SYD1 during FY2020/21 want to include this amount in their return, please refer to page 13 of the Tax Statement Guide issued by SYD1. Further information can also be found on the SYD1 Investor Centre website.


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