How Do I Update My Client's Pension Payments?

You can amend your clients pension payment via the platform by following the below steps:

1. Search your client’s pension account.

2. Go to Superannuation > Super cash > Pension information and then click “Edit” next to “Pension information”.

ZD_update_pension_payment_1.png3. On the pop-up screen to update the account’s pension details, you can choose to receive either a specific annual amount or the minimum pension for the financial year. If you are nominating a specific amount you can enter either the specific dollar amount or a percentage. Please note this is the total pension to be received by the client for the full financial year and it includes payments already made during the current financial year.


4. You can then select the frequency for the payments, and the next payment date. If the next payment date is the current month, your changes must be submitted 5 business days before the 15th of the month.

5. Clicking on “Calculate” will display the amount of pension expected to be paid at the next payment date.


6. Click on “Submit changes” to confirm changes.


7. The details displayed on the “Pension information” page will now reflect the changes you have just made.



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