How do I invest in managed portfolios?

Step 1: Adding new portfolios

This can be done during onboarding (and by setting up an Automatic Investment Plan) or after the account is active via ‘Add a portfolio’. Relevant SOA/SI documents must be provided, and all clients must sign for or accept MDA T&Cs online.

Step 2: Investing in new portfolios

This can be done by subscribing into the portfolio on the Order Pad, or via an established Automatic Investment Plan.

  • If instructions are received before 2PM, investments will be made the same day, otherwise next day

Considerations with investing: minimum investment amounts

  • Minimum initial, ongoing and redemption amounts which are in place to ensure your client can acquire every asset in the managed portfolio.
  • Minimum investment amounts are available in the investment mandate, and displayed on the Order Pad (once the initial minimum amount into a Managed Portfolios is met, the Order Pad will display the Ongoing minimum amount for subsequent investments)