Contributions And Withdrawals - Super and Pension

Employer Contributions
  1. SuperStream (must be used by all employers)

Employers must use Superstream to make SG, employer voluntary, salary sacrifice and member voluntary contributions.

Rollovers from SMSF 
    1. Direct Credit- Rollover Benefit Statement (RBS) required.
    2. To be emailed along with expected amount.
Personal Contributions Member Voluntary
      1. Direct Credit
      2. BPay 
Please refer to the Cash Hub > Payments In for Direct Credit & Bpay reference codes, as they vary for contribution types. Notice of intent to claim form to be emailed if relevant.
Lump-Sum Withdrawals 
Benefit Payment Request Form is required for lump-sum withdrawals, please upload this via the Service Request function on the platform.

Cash must be available before we are able to process withdrawals.

  • Partial: processed up to 3 business days on receipt documentation.
  • Full: processed in 5-10 business days on receipt of documentation.

*Timelines dependent on sell downs from models.

How do I make a contribution to my Super Account?

You can make contributions via BPay and Direct Credit.

After logging in, navigate to Cash Hub > Payments In for the correct reference codes depending on the contribution type.



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