How Do I Create A Household?

Household discounts are offered to immediate family members who also have accounts with Mason Stevens. Each individual account will receive a 10% discount on each tier of the administration fee subject to the below:

  • Immediate family includes an account holder’s husband, wife, domestic partner, children, grandparents and siblings.
  • The discounted accounts must be advised by the same adviser.
  • Each account may only belong to one family group.
  • Family groups are limited to a maximum of 6 accounts.

To create a household, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to ‘Create New > Household’


2. Search the account names of the individuals you would like to add to the household and click 'add account'.


The minimum family group holding value is $300,000 for the 10% discount on the administration fee to apply. This value is assessed daily. *Householding can be created for reporting purposes



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