Trade Date & Settlement Date Transparency

The Trade Date and Settlement Date is displayed in our transaction details pop-up window. You also have the ability to search and generate your Cash Transactions Report on a trade date or settlement date basis.

When will my trades settle?

Please find below information on trade settlement timings:

  • Domestic listed securities settlement (including ETFs) - T+2 if instructions received during market trading hours (AEST) 
  • International listed securities settlement (including ETFs) - T+2 if instructions received during trading hours of the relevant foreign exchange (T+3 in the case of FX requirements) 
  • Managed fund settlement - Upon managed fund settlement, up to 10 business days or longer
    (subject to how often the fund is priced).

Available cash includes trades pending settlement

The amount of available cash displayed on the order pad when you are placing a transaction is reflective of the account’s cash position as at T+2 where there are buy or sell trades pending settlement.
Proceeds from sells due to settle within T+2 are included in the available cash, and funds needed to settle buy trades due to settle within T+2 are excluded from the available cash.
This only applies to trades on listed securities (domestic and international) and unlisted fixed income securities, and does not apply for managed funds transactions or for any withdrawals of cash from the account. In the case of buying a managed fund or a withdraw from the account, cash must be available in the cash account at the time of the transaction.




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