New features now available | September 2021

What’s new?

Making payments using BPAY and EFT

We have introduced new BPAY reference numbers for Super members to make personal contributions and spouse contributions through BPAY. Members can also make personal contributions through electronic funds transfer (EFT or direct credit) by quoting the direct credit reference number. By using the appropriate BPAY reference number or quoting the direct credit reference number for a direct credit, members are no longer required to enter a “cash expectation” when making payments into their account.

Navigate to Account > Cash hub > Payments in to view the BPAY reference numbers and the direct credit reference number. Please ensure the appropriate reference numbers are used when making payments for the contributions to be classified correctly in the member's account.


Centrelink Schedule available on demand

Your clients’ Centrelink Schedules for TTR and Pension accounts can now be generated as a report on-demand as of a selected date from the Reports and documents page. Once generated, the Centrelink Schedules will also be available to download from the member’s Document Library.


Cancelling pending orders

Adviser support staff now have the ability to cancel pending orders from the platform. You can view and cancel pending orders by navigating to Investing > Orders


Automatic Investment Plan from account inception

As part of the online Super and Pension account opening wizard, you can now elect to have the Automatic Investment Plan turned on or off from the date the account is opened. The Automatic Investment Plan allows cash to be automatically invested into an account’s Managed Portfolios, as determined by a percentage allocation set up by you.

If you do not elect to have the Automatic Investment Plan activated from account inception, you can switch it on afterwards if you wish to have the cash automatically invested. To do this, navigate to Investing  > Automatic Investment Plan > Select On.


Update to Super and Pension application form terms and conditions

Effective from 1 July 2021, under the ASIC Corporations (Consent to Deductions – Ongoing Fee Arrangements) Instrument 2021/124 and ASIC Superannuation (Consent to Pass on Costs of Providing Advice) Instrument 2021/126 the trustee of Mason Stevens Super is required to receive written consent from members before deducting advice fees from a members account.

Previously Mason Stevens had required new members to submit the Renewal or change of advice fee form with their completed application form. New members will no longer need to submit this form as the terms and conditions in the application form have been updated to incorporate the member's consent.


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