Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mason Stevens?

Mason Stevens is an Australian investment management and global administration service provider, giving financial adviser group investors and wholesale investors global investment opportunities in both public and private markets. The firm covers a wide range of asset classes ranging from Cash, Credit, FX, Listed Equities and Private Equity, on a global basis.

Established in 2010, the privately owned firm has over Australian $6 billion of direct global investments under management or administration. The privately owned company is led by some of Australia’s most experienced finance and investment professionals, and now has over 70 staff nationally with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Do I need a financial adviser to open a Mason Stevens account?
We require all investors to have a financial adviser.
How do I open a Mason Stevens account?

Professional investors: Please call us on 1300 988 878 to speak to our team.

Retail investors: Please speak to your financial adviser if you wish to open a Mason Stevens account.
How long will it take for my account to be opened?

If we have all the required documentation and information alongside the completed application for, your account will generally be opened between 2-3 days. We will contact the financial adviser and/or the investor if we require further information to open the account.

Do you offer household discounts?

You can link your accounts with those of your immediate family members who also have accounts with Mason Stevens. You and your family members’ accounts will receive a 10% discount on each tier of the administration fee subject to the below:

  • Immediate family includes an account holder’s husband, wife, domestic partner, children, grandparents and siblings.
  • The discounted accounts must be advised by the same adviser.
  • Each account may only belong to one family group.
  • Family groups are limited to maximum of 6 accounts.

The minimum family group holding value is $300,000 for the 10% discount on the administration fee to apply. This value is assessed daily.

What is a managed account strategy?

A managed account strategy is an effective tool to help your clients achieve their goals and to help you streamline your business. The opportunity for administration efficiencies gives you more time to spend with your clients, building trust, understanding their needs and helping them grow their wealth.


One of the main features of our managed account service is the ability for individual firms to create, manage and implement customised investment models for clients. Whether you choose to utilise your own in-house investment expertise or select third party asset managers (or a combination), the choice is yours. The ability to operate models across retail super and pension, and investment accounts means a complete solution for all types of clients.
Why should I consider Mason Stevens in my managed account strategy?

At Mason Stevens, we help you implement investment changes in real time without requiring client engagement. This allows for more timely investment decisions and better investment outcomes.

Complementing this are our investment execution teams, who access all markets globally and execute in real time once orders are placed. In addition, access to wholesale and retail IPOs, equity capital raisings, private equity and fixed income offers are all available through our Mason Stevens Asset Management service.

Our state-of-the-art technology makes the once complex task of investment administration, managing client portfolios and order execution, simple and straightforward. With clever features like tax optimisation, an intuitive user interface and comprehensive performance reporting, we offer sophisticated solutions for the most demanding portfolios, with elegant simplicity. 

Already have a Mason Stevens account?

How do I change my username and/or password?

Go to the Mason Stevens website and click the login button in the top right-hand corner. Under the Client Access portal, you will see two links:

  • Forgot your username?
  • Forgot your password?

Click on the link that applies to you and follow the prompts to reset your username/password.

How do I check my investment, superannuation and/or pension balance?
All account information, including account balance, is available on the Mason Stevens Global Investment Service. Simply login to your account to access account data and market research, or download the Mason Stevens investor app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Accessing your superannuation early

In rare circumstances, you may be granted early access to your super in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Please speak to your financial adviser for more information regarding the early release of your super.

Mason Stevens investor app

What is the Mason Stevens Investor App?

Our app allows you to:

  • Access your account anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor your performance and balance
  • Track your transaction history
  • View all your portfolios ad asset allocation
  • Access your super and investment accounts in the one place
How do I get started?

If you already have a Mason Stevens account, you can use your existing login details to access your account from the app.

The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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