New enhancements now available | July 2020

At Mason Stevens, our mission is to provide users of our platform with an unparalleled user experience and superior customer service. We work hard to ensure our service is continuously improving and take on your feedback to ensure we design the most efficient and comprehensive platform on the market. 

What's new? 

Comprehensive reporting

We have updated our reporting capabilities so that you can have the best conversation with your clients, with quality data at your fingertips. We’ve added the performance summary and the asset allocation report to our suite of reports, as well as:

  • A simplified performance page display, with annualised returns and more
  • Enhanced tax reporting in the income report to cater for managed fund distribution components
  • Improved report displays across all advanced reports

By continuing to integrate with external product issuers we are able to bring you personalised reporting that captures a client’s entire wealth position, including assets that they hold external to the platform. We now integrate with Rabobank, Australian Money Market (AMM) and Macquarie Bank, with more to come.


We take care of your administration, so you can focus on what matters

Automating your administration work means that you no longer have to worry about time-consuming functions that can take time away from your business. We’ve given you that time back:

You can set up an automatic investment plan on your client’s account to have cash automatically invested into Managed Portfolios according to allocations set by you. The plan runs each business day where new deposits are made into the client’s Self-Directed Portfolio. We have also introduced an on/off switch that gives you the control to start the plan whenever you want.

Pension online account opening: we’ve made things easier for you by taking the pension onboarding process online—it is now completely digital and seamless.

Submit SOA attestation for multiple clients: you can now submit several SOA attestations using a new bulk upload function.


Enhanced digital user experience to propel your business into the future

With enhanced search capabilities, a snapshot of net assets and various other improvements, our goal is to ensure that you can help your clients achieve their investment potential.


Keeping you informed

Stay up to date with all the latest platform and product news, and important communications from product issuers such as fund managers. Simply log on to the platform to see the most recent headlines via the News & Updates widget on your dashboard. Click into any headline to see the full details of the update.


For further assistance, you can use the "Help" function in the bottom right corner of this page.


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