Bulk SOA Renewals

 How to make an attestation

  1. The first step is to locate the Bulk SOA renewal under Adviser home.
  2. Once there, you can filter by account name, account ID, account type, expiry date and status.When selecting which SOAs to renew, you have the option to individually select accounts or select all.
  3. You will need to export the list of clients to a CSV file by navigating to the button on the top of the page ‘Export to CSV’. You will only need to include the clients you are attesting to with this submission.
  4. Make your selection of individual accounts to attest or ‘Select all’. 
  5. Once selected, click Next.
  6. You can review the accounts, which you as the adviser are attesting too.
  7. Next, download the attestation form. You will need to sign and date this form.
  8. Upload the signed attestation form with the list of clients from the CSV file, enter the date you signed the form and select submit. 


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