How long does it take for an Accumulation or Pension application to go from "submitted" to "active"?

Once the application has been submitted, two emails (one with the client's username and the other email with a password creation link) will be sent to the client immediately. Depending on how the application has been submitted will determine what action is required by the client. 

Submitted as an online application 

The client will need to accept terms and conditions by logging in using the two emails before Mason Stevens verifies the account. This is because the client needs to allow Mason Stevens to use their TFN and open an account.  

Once terms and conditions are accepted, the account will require Mason Stevens to send a message to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a regulatory check. The account will be active within 2 business days of the client accepting terms and conditions. 

Submitted as a paper application

As the client has already accept terms and conditions by signing the application form. Mason Stevens will verify the account and activate the account within 2 business days from submission.