How does the client log in for the first time and accept terms and conditions?

How does the client log in for the first time?
They will receive two emails:

  • Username email – this email contains their Username for the Mason Stevens online system.
  • Password creation link email - they will follow this link to create their password. By clicking the link, they will be directed to the next page where they will be asked to submit a new password.

Once the new password meets all the requirements, the page will update and state Password Updated.

Adviser Tip

The Password creation link is valid for 72 hours.

Should your client’s password creation link expire, the client can still use this link to reset their password or alternatively click reset password on the log in page.

Your client will receive these two emails within 1-2 business days of their account application being submitted.

How does the client accept the terms and conditions for an investment account?
Once they log in successfully, the terms and conditions will appear immediately.*

The client will be able to see what you have submitted for their application in each section.

Clients are required to validate all information under the Investor acceptance section.

Once all requirements in the Investor acceptance have been ticked, the client will need to click Confirm approval.

The account is only active upon all clients accepting the terms and conditions. 

*online applications only, not applicable for paper-based applications

How does the client accept the terms and conditions for a superannuation account?
Alternatively for a Superannuation account, once the client logs in, a different page will appear. 

By selecting Review in the top right-hand corner, it will take the client to the following page where they can accept the terms and conditions. 

Declaration and terms
 for opening an account with Mason Stevens can be viewed by clicking the linked URL.

By ticking the box then selecting Accept in the top right-hand corner, the client's account will now be activated. 

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