Portfolio Rebalance Update | Mason Stevens Global Technology Managed Portfolio

In the 14 months since the Mason Stevens Global Technology Managed Portfolio's inception in November 2019, we have witnessed some of the most volatile markets in recent memory.

Through this time, our high conviction portfolio's positioning largely remained unchanged as it capitalised on the trend of accelerated technology adoption globally throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In it's first year since inception, the portfolio has returned 82.95% (net), outperforming the benchmark by 53.2%*.

As active managers we have seen 2021 as an opportunity to rebalance the portfolio in order to maintain the long-term return potential of the investment. These changes remain in line with the fundamentals of the portfolio and it's defined characteristics, but are the reflection ongoing research and evolving market conditions.

We have included a summary of these changes here.

Should you have any further questions, please contact your relationship manager.


*As at 30 November 2020. Inception 27 November 2019. Benchmark being NASDAQ Composite Total Return Index.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
Benchmark is NASDAQ Composite Total Return Index (in AUD). Portfolio returns are calculated net of management, fees, but excluding any adviser fees from the Managed Portfolio’s inception date of 27 November 2020, and assumes reinvestment of all income (but not franking credits). Returns are based on the theoretical performance of a portfolio which implemented the Managed Portfolio from the inception date based on simplifying assumptions and stock weightings. Actual individual returns of each client’s portfolio will differ depending on factors such as date of initial investment, timing of transactions, contributions and withdrawals, fees and any customisations. Each client should also take into account their own taxation situations. All information provided in this Report is correct as at the date of this Report but without independent verification.

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