New features now available | December 2020

What's New?

Projected portfolio valuations available for your clients

We have designed a new planning tool, allowing you to chart your clients' projected portfolio valuations over a specified timeline. In this projection, you may include expected cash flow contributions and/or withdrawals to generate a customised output, showing a:

  • Bull market line
  • Bear market line, and
  • The mean

These projections are based on the cash flows and the asset class makeup of the portfolio.


Execution of equity orders placed near market closure

Please note the following changes to the way we execute certain equity orders placed near close of market hours:

  • For “good for day” domestic equity orders received after 3:45pm AEST and are not executed on the same trading day, we will endeavour to execute the order on the following trading day without further instructions from you or the client.
  • “Good ‘til date” domestic equity orders can be submitted with same-day expiry date up until 3:45pm AEST.

For further details on order execution please refer to our terms available at


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